"Estou muito satisfeito com os serviços. Minhas solicitações são atendidas prontamente..."

Daniel S. - Empresário

The sales department along with the technical team collects customer requirements for the development of a customized project.

With the collected information, the Technical Team with its knowhow and expertise in Monitoring Solutions defines the ideal structure for the project.

The big market's competitive edge is that NIMIX is able, by means of this survey, to deliver a software and hardware proprietary solution to meet the customer’s need in a customized way.

The project manager is in charge of distributing the responsibilities of the actions to be taken among the involved individuals and stipulating a time schedule with the deadlines of each project step. he follows up the project progress and validates every process, in order to ensure the proper service provision.

Upon the end of all the steps, the technical team develops follow-up and control tools for the related Field Devices and Software.


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