Last-Generation embedded technology NIMIX TRACKERS collect GEO-POSITIONING INFORMATION, process the data and send it to the monitoring center by mobile phone signal.

Real-time fleet tracking with both map and grid viewing, virtual fence tools, path limiting routes, reference points, keyboard communication, control alerts, fueling and corrective/preventive maintenance control, with the convenience of receiving information by e-mail.

Delivering management reports to support the administration of the fleet and employees, thus contributing to better operation control.


With this facility, you have real-time access to information about several items: odometer, speed, sudden braking or accelerating, time of vehicle stopped or running, fuel consumption and quantity, engine rpm and temperature, oil pressure, among other information allowing to evaluate driving quality, thus reducing fleet maintenance costs and enhancing driver, cargo and vehicle safety and security.


Nimix portable tracker is waterproof, features a long-lasting rechargeable battery and magnetized housing for better fastening, allows a real-time monitoring of the device and if embedded into the cargo it is possible to locate it in case of loss.


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